airofog USA

We create equipment that keeps technicians in the field.
Airofog USA manufactures the highest quality equipment for public health, the vector control industry and plant protection. We supply a comprehensive range of professional application equipments from compression sprayers to thermal foggers across the Americas and the Caribbean.

Airofog USA offers cutting edge technology keeping the pest control end user in mind. Our products are user friendly and made too last, we offer a guarantee to our products with authorized service and repair near you. Our wide range of patented equipment is cutting edge technology, the finest workmanship, and priced competitively.

With service kits and quality you can count on!

Airofog thermal foggers use the pulse jet principle of igniting fuel through a tuned resonator tube that allows for continuous engine operation without any moving parts where the exhaust gasses are mixed with a diluent containing the fogging material to create a dense fog of finely atomized particles typically in the range 3-10um in size with oil based diluents for fogging of insecticides against flying insects, stored product pests, insect larvae in water surfaces and also application of biocides and disinfectants in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Airofog PCO sprayers are designed for the professional pest control operator to deliver outstanding performance. The sprayers are finished to a very high standard and present a highly professional appearance to clients. All wetted parts are made of chemical resistant materials such as VitonTM, TeflonTM, high grade stainless steel, brass, and other engineered materials. A cable-operated DRIP-FREE nozzle shut off actuated by the trigger valve provides a maximum operator safety and environmental security. The trigger valve can also be simply locked on or off for added safety.