About Us

Airofog USA sets out to be a customer oriented manufacturer to work in a mutually beneficial relationship to supply the highest quality and newest technology for true “JUST IN TIME SUPPLIES TO DISTRIBUTION” we guarantee it!

Airofog USA Will Not Sacrifice Quality Over Price.

Based in Florida, we service the Americas, and the Caribbean. With German engineering and the highest quality our goal is to serve our customers. Our business embraces a broad category including manufacturing of the highest quality equipment for public health, vector control, agriculture, T/O, Nursery, animal health. Airofog USA is an R&D company with more than 30-years of global experience in the specialty industry with capabilities in the USA, Germany and many European countries comprehensive range of professional equipment.

We strive to be the preferred supplier of professional equipment and parts to our distribution partners, supplying and supporting our distributors with the highest standards in a consistent and timely manner.

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15074 Aviation Loop Drive   Brooksville, Fl 34604

We create equipment that keeps your technicians in the field.

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